Cyberinfrastructure Technology Integration

Clemson Computing and Information Technology (CCIT) provides research cyberinfrastructure resources and advanced research computing capabilities through its Cyberinfrastructure Technology Integration (CITI) group.

Advanced Computing and Data Science (ACDS)

ACDS group supports research activities from all science, engineering, and humanities disciplines that utilize high performance/high throughput computing or big data analytics/data intensive computing.

For high performance/high throughput computing, we provide research and application support for Clemson’s Palmetto cluster and national dedicated computing platforms like XSEDE and Open Science Grid. We engage with researchers on transition to dedicated HPC system, optimization of workflows and design of optimal approach to conduct research utilizing HPC resources. We provide training for best utilization of HPC systems, introduction to programming for researchers and specialized training on HPC related techniques.

For big data analytics/data intensive computing, we work with researchers to help understanding and identifying solutions to their data problems. Our services include the development, deployment, and maintenance of analytic tools and computing infrastructures to support data-driven research for Clemson University and partners. We also provide training for the usage of these tools and infrastructures and participate in research and proposal development activities.

Jeff Denton
Ashwin Srinath