CITI is pleased to announce the availability of a new Palmetto resource called “JupyterHub”, which you might find useful for your research.

JupyterHub for Palmetto cluster is a service that enables users to run Jupyter on the Palmetto cluster. Jupyter is a web application that provides an environment for interactive computing, including tools such as a file browser, a text editor, and a terminal. Jupyter also lets users create Jupyter Notebooks. Notebooks are rich, interactive documents that can contain live (runnable) code, equations, visualizations and explanatory text. These tools help researchers perform, document and share their work more effectively, and help teachers/instructors include more hands-on, interactive elements in their materials.

If you would like to interact with an example Jupyter Notebook, you may visit the following link: NOTE: This example does not run on Palmetto and can be shared with anyone (no Palmetto account required).

If you are ready to give JupyterHub on Palmetto a try, then please visit the following link:

The same credentials you already use to access Palmetto are used to access JupyterHub on Palmetto (your Clemson username and password). After logging-in, you may start your notebook server by clicking “Start My Server” and then enter your desired resource request. When the resources on Palmetto become available, your Jupyter Notebook server is started on a Palmetto compute node. Behind the scenes, there is actually a Palmetto PBS job running on your behalf as long as your Jupyter Notebook server is active.

For more information, the user documentation for JupyterHub on Palmetto may be found at:

When necessary, the Palmetto admin team may perform maintenance on JupyterHub for Palmetto on Fridays from 4pm to 5pm. If you find that the service is unavailable during that time period, then please try again after 5pm. Maintenance on JupyterHub will not affect the traditional ways of using Palmetto.

If you have any problems using JupyterHub on Palmetto outside of the maintenance window listed above, then first consult the troubleshooting section of the documentation. If your problem is not resolved, then send a message to with the subject “JupyterHub for Palmetto”. Also provide a description of the problem you are experiencing in your email message.

We welcome your feedback, so please let us know how Jupyter is aiding your research!